so so inspired by Hilma af Klint

My latest obsession is swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) whose work, despite being created in the early to mid 1900s, has only recently hit the art world, as she “wanted her art hidden from the world until society was ready for it”.

Her work has inspiration from various spiritual symbols, and I find myself looking up some of her sources of inspiration like “Secret Symbols Of The Rosicrucians” and learning what the heck theosophy is.

I studied art history when I started college, and it’s my first love. So it’s excited to become newly immersed with an old artist, especially a female artist, which history books forget about all too much.

I was even dreaming about how to take my wee 6-month old baby to New York to see her exhibition at the Guggenheim, but unfortunately (and perhaps luckily for my family) the exhibit recently ended. Hoping to see af Klint’s work in-real-life one day (soon!)

I’ll leave you with some of her pieces that have particularly resonated with me..but I encourage you to look more of her work up yourself!

(All images above from wikipedia)

Morgan Fraser